We recommend posting on, (which has free options as well as paying options), filing a report with animal services (321 633-2024 option 0) and putting up POSTER SIZED signs at intersections.

This is the Lost and Found pets site for Brevard County, Florida residents or visitors. You can report a lost pet or a found pet. Or, you can search the reported listings. There is never a charge for this service. Your information is not sold or used for any other purpose and there are no advertisements.

PLEASE close your report or at a minimum let us know if the listing is no longer needed so that the site remains efficient.

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Pet Owners:Click/Tap below

Put a sign outside of your home and follow these 4 steps


by clicking on Dog, Cat or Other
Someone may have found your pet and already reported here! Browse or search the listings of reported Found Pets in case someone found your pet.


Someone may have found your pet and taken him/her to the shelter! Browse Sheltered Pets in case someone found your pet or animal control picked up your pet.


Put up a sign outside your door & Click the red button
Fill out a report so that if someone finds your lost pet they can contact you, immediately.


Review the Tips section.
Pet Finders:Click/Tap below

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Follow these steps yellow right arrow


by clicking on Dog,     Cat or     Other
Is someone looking for this pet? Browse or search the listings of reported Lost Pets in case someone lost the pet you have found.


Fill out a report so the owner of the pet can contact you immediately.Include "Sightings"


Have the pet checked for a microchip. Most local veterinarian offices can scan the pet for you as well as SPCA of North Brevard in Titusville, Brevard Humane Society in Cocoa, and the Brevard County shelter in Melbourne.
Other steps:
  1. Check Online Newspaper Classifieds: NOTE: Newspapers typically let you list a FOUND pet for free.
**PLEASE NOTE: The County Shelter is NOT theThese orgs are not linked with the county system. Notifying one organization does not mean you have notified them all.Check the Lost and Found reports filed with each of these orgs

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How to Help

Click on How to Help link for how to help spread the word.

If you found a microchipped pet:

Try using the new Universal Microchip Lookup

What to do if you lost your pet:

    CLICK ON Lost Pet Tips for a comprehensive list of very good tips, check it out.

ALSO Check:

Check animal shelter online list of dogs and cats brought to the County shelter.
Check the shelter in person. County shelters are open daily. Sundays noon - 4 pm Mon - Sat 11 am - 6 pm.

"TAG" your car - see how best to do this at:

  • POST FLIERS (the most effective in reuniting lost pets)
  • Get the word out: See tips...

Brevard County Sheriff's Office Animal Services

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