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Image of Found dog
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Date Found: 2018-12-25
Age: Presumed to be 8-10
Breed: Pit_Bull_Terrier Unknown_Mix_largebreed 
Gender: Female
Colors: Body:Black, White/grey  Feet:All four feet are white 
Fur: Short , Straight 
Ears: Floppy: Both ears flap over Long 
Tail: Carries tail low Straight Long  
Size: Medium/Large: 51 to 75 pounds 
Rabies Tag #: Missing 
County Tag #: Missing 
Tattoo # and where the tattoo is located: Missing 
Found Location Details:
NC-215, near Cathedral Falls
Pet was Found: NC-215 
Contact Information
Contact name:  Violet Wiseman
Contact E-mail: avw0914@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 8285518733 
Additional Comments:
Dog’s face is predominantly white with a grey tipped about, and large grey black patches on each side of her face, extending through her ears. Dog looks very well cared for. She is of a healthy weight, nails are trimmed, flea collar on. Very mild mannered and responds to commands well. 

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