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DOG Lost Report made to County on 2018-10-20
Main Color: BLACK
Gender: F
Approx age in years, or
Approx Date of Birth:2017/03/31
Contact lives in: PORT ST JOHN FL 32927
9795 EYERLY ST Does not have a chip canine slipped out of collar which has tags with contact info.
Our ID for internal use: S12893
Bella Lost Germ Shepherd Dog F,black. From Port St John 32927 9795 Eyerly St Does Not Have A Chip Canine Slipped Out Of Collar Which Has Tags With Contact Info. (county Report A742739 )

During regular shelter hours, call animal services for contact info. 321.633.2024. Otherwise, contact with Shelter ID Number: A742739
if you think this is a match for what you are looking for. Lynn will try to help you connect with person who made report with Animal Services.