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Info on Making flyers to spread the word about your Lost Pet

Tip from Pet Hunters

One of the most effective methods for posting lost pet flyers is the use of obnoxiously florescent, giant poster boards. With this method, the florescent poster board itself is used as a backing for standard flyers and boldly announces the REWARD LOST DOG or REWARD LOST CAT portion of the message. The center of the poster board holds the actual 8 1/2 X 11 flyer that contains specific details. On the 8 1/2 X 11 flyer, giant (90-sized font) letters are used (at top and bottom of the flyer) to announce a brief message - the lost pets breed and color (or identifiable trait). The purpose is to attract the eye and put out a concise message that someone passing by at 50 MPH can read - (i.e. REWARD LOST DOG - WHITE POODLE or REWARD LOST CAT - ORANGE TABBY - STUB TAIL).

We've even posted giant florescent poster boards to return a lost dog to its family by posting a sign that read: FOUND DOG - TINY, TAN, TERRIER at the intersection where we found the terrier. The poster helped return that dog to her family within hours of our finding her wandering in the middle of a road!

These poster boards are sold in most office supply stores, drug stores, and in Walmart for under a dollar. In the example poster shown on Missing Pet Partnership's web site, the message that is conveyed is five simple words - REWARD LOST DOG - DACHSHUND - MINI-RED. The color (florescent orange) and size of the poster (28" X 22") almost always attracts the eye. Anyone who drives or walks by who knows of someone who recently found a Dachshund will (hopefully) pull over and call the phone number listed on the flyer. To see this particular Dachshund sample poster and read further instructions on how to create these poster boards, visit Missing Pet Partnership's Bookmark that particular page for future reference!

Putting out a brief, efficient, highly visible message to people passing through an area can be a highly effective method for recovering a lost pet - especially in lost dogs cases where most of the time, someone has found ("rescued") the lost dog and needs to find out who the dog belongs to. In many cases, the rescuer who finds the dog believes the dog is homeless or abandoned and does not realize that someone is looking for the dog.